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Private Coaching with the Birth Goddess + FREE book!

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Feeling fearful, anxious, uncertain or unsupported? Book your private one hour coaching session with the Birth Goddess and Resolve Your Fears for good!

For a limited time, book your first session with Katrina for only $97 and receive your author signed copy of her inspirational book A Modern Woman's Guided to a Natural Empowering Birth (RRP$34.95) as a gift!! ie Receive $131.95 of value for only $97 :)

Private Coaching with the Birth Goddess + FREE book!

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Feeling fearful, anxious, unsure about your capabilities or unsupported for your upcoming labour and birth? No wise woman to turn to for support?

Need that extra helping hand to resolve your fears or challenges, feel prepared, make wise choices, handle unwanted advice/ opinions, construct your birth plan?

Let me help you cross the bridge from fear and doubt to total peace and power and give you and your baby the very best start in life and so you can approach motherhood and every facet of your life with newfound strength and confidence.

Together we will explore your biggest questions, fears, challenges and concerns in a private, nurturing and supportive environment.

"Very supportive environment - Even just 2 hours with Katrina has changed my mindset and attitude towards my birth experience. Very thankful! ~Bianca Crow

"Thanks Katrina! It was really nice to be in such a peaceful space and listen to your advice on a natural and empowering birth. I'm excited for the rest of the pregnancy and birthing journey I'm on." ~ Bec Strudwick

For some, it will be about gaining confidence in your abilities:

"...helped reaffirm my underlying faith in pregnancy as a completely natural and actually joyful experience ~Taryn

Thank you for your wonderful encouragement and words of wisdom for expecting mums ( like myself) – I really love what you are doing!  This is totally the point that makes birth different for many human mums as opposed to other mammal mums – our minds can get in the way and disrupt the amazing nature-designed process. Thanks again ~Kala

For others it will be important to understand all of your options and make the right decisions to prepare for your baby’s birth and beyond. 

Hi Katrina, 
I would like to thank you for the conversation over the phone this morning, it was really helpful!
It was challenging to understand the antenatal care and delivery system here with its diversity specially that it is different from the system in my homeland. Before I started reading the book I was very confused, and I had no direction or guideline to work from, but after reading the first few pages, all the confusion cleared up and I knew what I want, I knew that I want to deliver naturally without any drugs!

The stories these women shared in the book created a massive encouragement for me they compensated the absence of any siblings in this situation, they gave me a great power, lucidity and above all a huge determination!! 

The book has answered a lot of my questions, but it is the one on one session that i had with you today that offered me a lot more clarity, reading the book helped me creating a plan and work through it, but receiving your coaching, highlighted many weak points in my plan, and gave me a bigger picture of the whole experience of giving birth, it is beyond the "fear monster" we create, greater than our worries, its about life, its the priceless gift of nature... 

Talking to a mother and coach that delivered naturally, is very empowering, it helps you connect with the future you and love it!! By answering all my private, intimate, timid questions very openly, you showed me that I took the right decision and a drug free natural birth is what I want !! Thank you :) :) !! Kind regards, Chrystelle 

And of course for many, the session will be focused on resolving your fears for good so you can approach pregnancy, childbirth and beyond with a sense of positivity, confidence and calm surrender!

"Thank you for your inspiring work helping women around the world become less fearful of the birth, it truly is the most empowering experience meeting your bubba! "Thank you, Bec

"We’ve had our baby and she’s just perfect happy and healthy. Just wanted to say a million thank you's to you for having introduced me to the world of positive natural birth as mine was this way and it was amazing!"~ Luisa (who was initially afraid that she had a 'low pain tolerance' and yet completely surprised herself!)

For a limited time, book your first coaching session with Katrina for only $97 and receive your author signed copy of her inspirational book A Modern Woman's Guided to a Natural Empowering Birth (RRP$34.95) as a gift!!

ie Receive $131.95 of total value for only $97 :)

Katrina-ZaslavskyBook your private 1 on 1 session with Birth Goddess Katrina Zaslavsky via phone or skype and 

It's time to discover YOUR inner Birth Goddess.....

Once you complete your booking, I will contact you to arrange a suitable time for both of us where we will ideally have focused uninterrupted time to chat via phone or skype.

If the above speaks to you, then I encourage you to complete this questionnaire so I can gain a better understanding of your situation and needs and how I can best support you.

Curious and interested but still not sure that we are the right fit for each other? Then feel free to join my inspired weekly blog series called Birth Goddess in the Making. It's completely FREE and the most deeply personal taste of me that you could possibly receive next to meeting me in person and then you will know for sure! :)

I look forward to being a part of your empowering birth story! 

Katrina (Birth Goddess) Xo

"Thank you for your positivity and belief in women and birth and the practical tips!"~Emma Carlton

"It was very helpful.  Everything went well. I enjoyed your articles and thoughts. They helped me keep focused and positive during labour. Mathilde

I really thank you for this.  Recently I made the realization that I have not been present in a good way during my pregnancy. Thank you for this reminder. I needed it. It is as if the universe is reminding me I’ve made the right choice to take my maternity leave now, two months before my due date.” ~ Martha

"I want you to know how grateful I am to have met you, half-way though we are, around the globe from each other. I don’t believe in “coincidences” in life; believe ALL people enter our space & cross our paths for a very specific purpose, even if not realized at that moment. 

 So admire the kind of professional services Katrina provides to so many women, at one of the most pivotal phases of their lives. Many thanks! With much affection & gratitude, ~ Marilyn 

"You are doing a wonderful and much-needed thing Katrina - thank you so much for your work!" ~ Nikki Baumann