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Empowering Birth Mag - Postnatal Bliss Issue

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Empowering Birth Magazine is an exciting international publication for the conscious thinking modern woman who would like to have a positive experience through pregnancy, birth and beyond, giving the best possible start to motherhood. 

Empowering Birth Mag - Postnatal Bliss Issue

$AUD 6.99


In this Postnatal Bliss issue:

>> Discover Nourishing Postnatal Traditions from Around the World; More than an elite luxury or outdated rituals from another era, anthropologists found that cultures with low incidence of postpartum mood disorders share a range of protective social structures that provide support and care for new mothers. Find out what it means for the mother to be truly and deeply nurtured and what we can learn from this traditional wisdom in our modern world.

>> Want a beautiful birth? Be sure to watch our first ever exclusive video interview with the new Beautiful Births documentary filmmaker Jacqui Blue and preview the trailer. 

>> We explore the First Golden Hour after birth, why it matters and how to keep this special time sacred between mother and baby, find out the Real Truth about Postnatal Doulas and their role in supporting partners at this super-important time. (and why you may strongly want to consider hiring one, even if you have a partner or hubby who loves you to bits and is your best supporter!)

>> Be supported on your breastfeeding journey with practical guidance from Pinky McKay and an easy Lactation Cookie recipe to whip up and more in our exciting BUMPER issue. 

>> We are also delighted to give you a generous excerpt from one of our favourite books of all time, “Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering” by Dr Sarah Buckley, MD.

We sincerely hope this special postnatal issue informs and guides you to smooth the ride of new motherhood and inspires you to put in place the support you need during this incredibly transformative time. 

May you and your family enjoy the magic of being immersed in your bubble of bliss over the holiday season and beyond Xo

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P.S. This issue is digital only and available on iPad/iPhone or PDF.

What others are saying about Empowering Birth Magazine:

Beautiful words of encouragement from New Caledonia!!!!!!!!!!! ....."Katrina, I just like the simplicity of the magazine, the style of writing is natural and flows and is understandable without all the medical jargon...It makes pregnancy feel natural and in-control...in a world full of fears and negativity around the pregnant women.

I ENJOY all your articles... all are interesting and insightful, inspiring without being over the top!! Seems that we can choose to feel what is within our grasp and control. Not just the sterile medical advise we get given daily from the hospitals...ALSO the helpful parenting tips that make you assess your beliefs and values in raising our future children, improvements and better well being.

Plus for me, as I am overseas in a non English speaking country, it's just a pleasure to read an Australian English mag...and to see the more natural pregnancy related articles and items we can purchase on the market now for our bubs.....Thanks so much!! and great work!! Cheers, Marie