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Empowering Birth Mag - Nurture Issue

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Empowering Birth Magazine is an exciting international online publication for the conscious thinking modern woman who would like to have a positive experience through pregnancy, birth and beyond, giving the best possible start to motherhood. Don't just be tech savvy - be birth savvy!!

Empowering Birth Mag - Nurture Issue

$AUD 6.99


In this Nurture Issue:

>> Dr Sarah Buckley MD on the Real Truth about Ultrasound: Cause for Concern? This evidence based article is a must-read for any conscious expecting mother to make fully informed decisions for herself and her future baby! But be warned; It may also change the way you think about routine scans forever!

>> Dr Marcy Axness pHD helps you cultivate the capacity for presence right now. Presence is being fully engaged "right here, right now" with your body, your thoughts, your feelings. Of the seven principles that form the foundation of Parenting For Peace, presence is #1. Find out more in our Hot Article, "Nurture Yourself With Presence."

>> Not sure which exercises are best for you during pregnancy? What if you could be in tune with what your body really needs to be Healthy & Fit 4 Birth? Our guest author Fiona Trewitt reveals, "Using our intuition and listening to our bodies can help us learn what our body needs to eat, what decisions we need to make, how we should spend our time, and how we should move our bodies."

Discover 5 Ways to Tune into Your Body with our featured article Intuitive Exercise in Pregnancy.

>> We welcome midwife Karen Wilmot with 20 years of passion as well as local and international experience to answer all your burning questions in Ask the Midwife.

>> Who knew you could be so calm and even laughing and chatting between surges? Be inspired by our Positive Birth Story with beautiful and yet very real accompanying pictures to come along for the amazing birthing adventure, in Calm Sweet Hypnobirth. 

We sincerely hope this issue informs and guides you to smooth the ride of new motherhood and inspires you to put in place the support you need during this incredibly transformative time. 

Yours in nurtured beginnings,

Katrina XO
Editor of Empowering Birth Magazine

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What others are saying about Empowering Birth Magazine....

Beautiful words of encouragement from New Caledonia!!!!!!!!!!! ....."Katrina, I just like the simplicity of the magazine, the style of writing is natural and flows and is understandable without all the medical jargon...It makes pregnancy feel natural and in-control...in a world full of fears and negativity around the pregnant women.

I ENJOY all your articles... all are interesting and insightful, inspiring without being over the top!! Seems that we can choose to feel what is within our grasp and control. Not just the sterile medical advise we get given daily from the hospitals...ALSO the helpful parenting tips that make you assess your beliefs and values in raising our future children, improvements and better well being.

Plus for me, as I am overseas in a non English speaking country, it's just a pleasure to read an Australian English mag...and to see the more natural pregnancy related articles and items we can purchase on the market now for our bubs.....Thanks so much!! and great work!! Cheers, Marie