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Empowering Birth Mag - Love Issue

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Empowering Birth Magazine is an exciting international online publication for the conscious thinking modern woman who would like to have a positive experience through pregnancy, birth and beyond, giving the best possible start to motherhood. Don't just be tech savvy- be birth savvy!! :)

Empowering Birth Mag - Love Issue

$AUD 6.99


In this LOVE Issue....

Featuring Pinky McKay in “Accidentally in Love,” learn how we fall in love chemically with our babies and how this chemistry of attachment starts during pregnancy, is enhanced by natural birth and breastfeeding and is why mums are naturally hardwired to respond to their babies. Dr Jessica Zucker pHD discusses women’s bodies postpartum as you have never seen before in “Changed by Motherhood.”

Take the journey from fear to Love Your Labor, Reclaim Mama Wisdom. Wondering how on earth you will be able to love your new baby as much as your first? Then you will enjoy “Expanding Heart For Two” and so much more in this heartwarming and enlightening issue!

Birth Column: Reclaiming Mama Wisdom by Teresa Robertson

Positive Birth Story: My Blissful Beautiful Painfree Birth by Melissa

Real Truth: Changed by Motherhood by Dr Jessica Zucker pHD

Empower Me- Falling in love all over again…with your partner! /What happened to my sweetheart? /Love the primate in you

Hot Article: Accidentally in Love by Pinky McKay

Bonus Feature: Expanding Heart for Two by Sheree Stewart

Preggi Cuisine: Postnatal Boost Baby Beet Pumpkin & Feta Salad by Kathleen

Ask the Midwife:  Desperate for me-time as new mother / struggling to bond with new baby/ creating a relaxed and loving environment in hospital?/ Sex no longer feels spontaneous, or even remotely enjoyable- will I ever get pregnant? {by Tanya Strusberg}

Real Truth: throw away the clock – pip wynn owen

Healthy & Fit 4 Birth: Love Your Labor by Pip Wynn Owen

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