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What Others Say About the Book

“I am thrilled to see a book that encourages women to take birth back. That is our only hope. We can’t wait for the culture of fear to subside. We women have to address fear with truth: Birth is a natural function of biology. Birth is inherently safe and interference is inherently risky. The culture of fear that separates women from their biology also robs them of their power. Thank you for making women’s power and truth the theme of your book. I know that many women will have better births because of this empowering book!”

~ Carla Hartley, Founder of Trust Birth Initiative and Director of the Ancient Art Midwifery Institute

“One of the best things you can do to prepare for birth is to saturate yourself in positive birth stories”

~ Dr Sarah Buckley MD, Author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering.

“Reading it is very much like being surrounded by wise women teaching the lessons of birth we wish we all had received as young women. ... a great blessing to those women who go seeking for birth wisdom.” 

~ Jenne Erigo Alderks, Board member and Grassroots Advocates Co-Chair of the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services

“I loved reading A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth.... We really need get back to a place where women trust birth, trust the process and above all else, trust themselves and their ability to birth their babies and your book will encourage readers to do just that.I think you are onto something powerful here.... Love it!”

~ Simone Snyder CMT, CD, ICCE, International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)

“I have always believed that mothers are the true experts of birth, and it is to them we must turn for insights and inspiration. Katrina Zaslavsky proves this adage is true. Her book is interesting, informative and will not only inspire today’s modern woman, but women for generations to come.” 

~ Laura Shanley, author of Unassisted Childbirth

"I got your book in the mail [two days ago], I was so excited I started reading it straight away, I am onto my last couple of pages now and I have to say the most inspiring and wonderful book I have ever read, it has really helped me with my decisions for my birth in early may. I feel so much more confident in what I want. I will be recommending all of my pregnant friends read this book. It was truly inspiring."

~ Lauren Hughes, expectant mother

“... opened my heart and eyes to how childbirth can and should be. I now know exactly how I want my labour to be and am looking forward to experiencing every second of it. No fear, no worries. Thanks Katrina for giving me and other mums-to-be this incredible gift.”

~ Shannon Dunn, first time mother-to-be, Conscious Life Media 

“...mandatory reading material! The modern and ancient wisdom contained within these pages are vital to restoring a culture that views birth as the healthy, happy, natural function it should be, and has always been.”

~ Rebecca Dettman, intuitive, journalist, homebirther

“... a must for mothers looking for real and positive information. You’ll be inspired, enlightened and empowered to overcome your fears and liberated by the insightful stories. So put down the birthing textbooks, throw away the how-to’s and run to the shops for this inspiring book! Highly recommended.”

~ Heather James, Inspiring Mums Founder & mother of two

“Such a refreshingly ‘real’ book to inspire, encourage and empower women for their most sacred rite of passage. Thank you Katrina.”

~ Sonya Wildgrace, VBAC counsellor, doula and natural birth educator

“... brimming with positivity and should be essential reading for expectant parents.”

~ Kristen Morrison, Naturally Better Kids and author of Naturally Better 

“... amazing resource for any woman thinking of getting pregnant or is pregnant, whether the first time around or not. It is certainly something I will consider gifting to my clients, as part of my new mother’s program.”

~ Vicky Gardner, former president of Infant Massage Australia and wellness creator at Sanctuary for Souls 

“I love the sisterhood: women empowering women, women supporting women ... sharing our stories. Thank you.”

~ Vickie Mg, mother

“I love your message to women to own their magnificence by living consciously, naturally and empowered. Keep spreading your light and love into the world, beautiful lady.” 

~ Suzy Manning, Sizzzl transitional coach for women, speaker and author of Wise Women, Circle of Wisdom

“... everything you need & want to know ... double thumbs up!” 

~ Rachel Eslick, mother

“... beautifully compiled stories ... wealth of expert opinions to create a resource that empowers women to take control of their birth experience by arming them with knowledge and instilling faith in their ability to choose what’s right for themselves.”

~ Micky Marie Morrison, P.T., ICPFE, author of Baby Weight: The Complete Guide to Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness

“This is how birth is meant to be. This is how nature intended it. Positive, inspiring and wonderful. These stories show you that labour can be amazing if you believe in yourself and what your body can do.”

~ Amanda Santoro, mother

“Well written and presented, it will become a valuable resource for expectant mothers everywhere. Well done.” 

~ Robyn Stitt, complementary therapist from Overcoming Overwhelm

“The true beauty of this book is that it is not telling women how they ‘should’ birth – it presents them with options other than to hand some of the most important decisions of their life to a stranger in white coat.”

~ Katia Leonaite, mother

“I love the powerful message that Katrina is spreading and the support and understanding it offers women. Thank you.”

~ Natalie Hennesey, Spirited Women’s Network

“This book can help you realise what you are capable of and that you are indeed a beautiful birthing goddess.”

~ Leonie, mother

“... encourages us to take back the reins on our body and trust that they have been created to serve this very purpose” 

~ Katie Blewitt, An Empowered Life

“As a proud new mum to a baby boy, I can’t begin to explain how much I learned. Some first-time mums like me who knew nothing have really gotten empowerment from you—you taught me that it’s about me and that I have a say and not everything a doctor says is final. It’s all about me! I’m very grateful and lucky I came across you two months before I gave birth. I learned so much in that space!” 

~ Nalo, mother

“Sure to be a wonderful resource for birthing women, with stories straight from the heart, from women, doulas and midwives.”

~ Cas McCullough, mother and doula, Mumatopia

“Katrina, I love the way you are helping so many people to improve their life and health with a natural, holistic approach; you are truly inspirational.”

~ Tegan Benfell, Additive Free Kids

“What a wonderful resource for women looking for birth support. Every woman has the right to a ‘natural, empowering birth’.”

~ Rina Joye Bly, mother

“Beautifully written Katrina. You have done a great job in providing women with knowledge in order to make empowering choices for birth.”

~ Jo Thomson, midwife

“... fundamental resource for women looking to own their birth experience and achieve a fantastic natural birth.” 

~ Kathryn Williams, homebirth midwife

“Childbirth can be one of the most ecstatic experiences for a woman if she learns to trust her body and her baby. I hope this book helps more women find the confidence and belief in their bodies to discover the joy of natural birth!”

~ Kate, mother

“I absolutely love A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth. It’s such an important resource for women. I just loved reading your story…”

~ Rebecca Mugridge, author of The Pram Diet 

“It’s always good to read about other women who have also had a positive experience giving birth.”

~ Eva Miles, mother