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Partner with Us - 4 Ways You Can Get Involved

1.     Become a Stockist

Do you work in the birth or natural therapies field and want to offer even more powerful tools and empowering resources for your mothers or pregnant clients?  Or simply an advocate of natural birth and empowering women? Then you will LOVE what we offer - consider becoming a stockist!

As a stockist of Inspiring Birth Stories, you will have access to special wholesale prices on all of our range and the knowledge that you are really making a difference on a larger scale, one woman at a time. Become a part of the positive birth revolution!

Talk to us here to obtain your wholesale price list and preview package.

2.     Become an Affiliate

Be rewarded for referrals to our wonderful inspiring products including the new release book, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth.

We so passionately believe in what we offer and need your help to spread the message even further. Furthermore, we are happy to share the fruits with you!

If you love what we do, then you will want to share it with other women around you so they too can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful healthy pregnancy and natural and empowering birth.

It’s so simple to share and you do it naturally every time you let people know of a great product or service. We have just formalised this process with special codes (so we know that you have sent people our way) and a banner that you can display on your site to capture interest and show that you support the cause.

Talk to us here to learn more about our exciting affiliate opportunities and be rewarded for being part of the change!

3.     Become a Promoter

You may wish to distribute promotional material regarding natural and empowering birth in your local area, especially mum-friendly places such as child & maternal health centres, maternity stores, natural health clinics, childcare centres, in your playgroup or mothers group etc. If you are a shop or business owner, you may want to put up a poster on your shop window or a virtual poster/ banner on your website.

Contact us here to learn more about what it takes to spread the positive birth word out there.

4.     Become a Sponsor

You may wish to host a book signing or launch event in your place of business or invite the author as a guest speaker to your next event, expo or open day. Or donate prizes or giveaways or offer on-site treatments (eg mini-massage, mini-reiki from qualified practitioners) for our next launch event in exchange for publicity of your business.

Get in touch here to find out more and discover which is the most suitable option for you.  Or you may have even more ideas- we are always open to explore the possibilities so feel free to chat to us anytime!

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